Installation of splitcam old version

Why would you install an old version instead of the latest one?

Because its much lighter, specially if you are running on a slow computer, like a Pentium 4.


If your computer is fast, you should install the latest version. Download it here:


If you have a slow computer or just want to install the older version for any other reason, keep reading :)


You can download the old version from splitcam site here: (splitcam version 4.2).

The problem with that version is that it doesnt support taking snapshots.

So, I recommend that you download it from here:

That's an old version 4 that I kept on my disk that supports taking snapshots.


... That's all for now... I will complete this post soon with installation instructions :)


Bye for now!


maybe earlier it was in this

maybe earlier it was in this way, SplitCam issued new version, it's light as for new functions they added and more stable then any other old version. I downloaded it at official website of SplitCam